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Keeley Stolpe

Where to start.  I went to the Sanford Center most of my

childhood I guess. My mom tended to work different shifts a lot so me

and my sister felt a little bounced around, though there was always

the Sanford Center after school and during the summer. They always

had some activity planned. There was a great diversity in culture and

history.  No one ever really felt out of place. The staff was always so

willing to help and not afraid to sit you down.

The Sanford Center didn't shield me from the world. It showed

me that you need to get out there and experience everything. They

took us on trips and showed us right from wrong. It was a very family

oriented place too.


Now I haven't gone to college yet, but that's why I joined the Air

Force. I wanted more direction and stability in my life. As you get

older we all know that's a challenge. If it was one thing I learned

growing up with the Sanford Center is to keep moving forward and to

treat others the way you want to be treated. I guess that was two



I was always encouraged to be myself and true to others. As a

kid you don't think much of it, but it really sticks with you as you get

older. Even now that I'm all grown up and apart of the Air Force I still

am pushed forward with support. I now live by integrity first, service

before self and excellence in all I do.


It may not seem like much, but it's the little things that shape you. I

can't speak for everyone. You take what you put in.

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