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Outreach Specialist

As an Outreach Specialist you provide services within the Sioux City Community School District
by working directly with a caseload of 25 students to provide direct services to each student
along with family involvement, while acting as a positive adult role model, coach, and mentor.
Outreach Specialist will need to have a genuine interest in the well being of each student on
their caseload. As an Outreach Specialist you will need to have the ability to establish thorough
leadership, be able to work independently, have organization skills, time management,
communication, and most importantly patience, in order to give each student the stability and
nurturing atmosphere they need to succeed in and out of school. As an Outreach Specialist you
will be responsible for implementing a behavior plan with goals and objectives, progress

reports, daily documentation, and home visits.

Immediate Supervisor:
Responsible to the Director of Programming and Executive Director

● Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Criminal Justice, Psychology, or related fields or a high
school diploma with at least two years experience in the human services field,
preferably with children and families.
● Experience in time management, writing, listening, visual, communication and problem
solving skills.
● Must be able to pass a back ground check and fingerprinting.
● Licensed to operate a motor vehicle and meet agency auto insurance coverage
● Be able to consult with and advise school authorities, parents, police, probation officers,
mental health therapist and social workers regarding the needs of the student and/or
their family.
● Be able to coordinate a schedule in the summer which involves educational activities,
recreational, socialization, cultural, and career development for students on your


Essential duties and responsibilities:
● Must be able to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality in staff, student and
family matters.
● Be a self starter and perform job with little supervision.
● Ability to observe student’s behavior, assess it appropriateness and apply appropriate
behavior management techniques, positive redirection or appropriate corrective action
as needed to support student in making positive behavior choices.
● Arrange transportation as needed.
● Accept and receive referrals from Juvenile Court Services, Social Health Committees
within the Sioux City Community School district, parents, principals, teachers, school
counselors, Mental Health therapists, police, and Department of Human Services.
● Must be able to establish a positive relationship and keep in communication on a
regular basis with the family of the students who are on your caseload.
● Be informed and knowledgeable about agencies within the school, as well as other
public and private agencies to refer families for support and counseling.
● Attendance and participation at all required staff meetings, trainings, and development
● Demonstrate reliability and punctually by arriving 30 minutes prior to your scheduled
start time for the school you are assigned to and leaving 15 minutes after dismissal.
● Absences or late to work: inform the Director of Programming then contact the school
in which you are assigned to.
● Adherence to all Sanford Center policies and procedures.

Work Hours and Compensation:
The position of Outreach Specialist is a full time position and is paid twice a month. The
position averages about 38 hours a week. The hours worked on a daily basis vary, due to
weather, school cancellation and holidays; a work schedule will be issued.

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To email your application or for more information, please contact Director of Programming, Gina Moyer, at or call 712-252-0581. 

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Sanford Center

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